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Ostrich Incubator.png  Ostrich Incubator Full.png
入手: クラフト
売価: 売却不可

Professor Snail Icon.png スネイル教授

材料: Bone Fragment.png 骨の破片(50)Hardwood.png 堅い木(50)Cinder Shard.png 噴石のかけら(20)

Robin building.png
- ロビン


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The Ostrich Incubator is a machine used to hatch Ostrich Eggs into Ostriches. The recipe for the incubator is given by Professor Snail after completing the fossil collection at the Island Field Office. The incubator must be placed in a barn, but more than one can be placed in the same barn. It takes approximately Time Icon.png 17,280m (12d) to incubate an egg.

To begin incubation, right click the machine while holding an ostrich egg.

If multiple Ostrich Eggs are ready to be hatched, only one will be hatched when you enter the barn, and you will need to leave and re-enter for further eggs to be hatched.

If the barn is at capacity (4 animals for a Barn, 8 for a Big Barn, 12 for a Deluxe Barn), the ostrich won't hatch until a space is freed-up. This can happen by selling an animal or moving an animal to another barn. Once the barn is below capacity, entering will cause the egg to hatch instantly.


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